Thursday, February 11, 2010

All in One Room!

The crib order left to right is Josephine, Madeline, and Sofia. It's so fun having them in the same room! (Madeline is the one who had to move.) We also switched teams from IC (intensive care) to Convo (convolescent), which is the "going home team"! The doctor and nurse practitioner say the first ones could be going home in as little as two weeks (but it could be longer, we just never know). We are pretty certain Josephine will be a little behind the other two. Sofia and Madeline basically need to master feeding orally for every feeding. Yikes! Two weeks is not long at all! Scary...but exciting.

Josephine weighs 4 lbs and 7 ounces. She had been on high flow but she got switched back to low flow (one liter)! She had a bad day or two earlier this week where she was spelling a lot more. Her hemoglobin was low, so they gave her a blood transfusion. This seemed to do the trick since she is a lot better now. They will slowly wean her settings as long as she is stable. It will be another week until her swallow study. I wish I could feel more hopeful about her passing the next study but I just feel a little negative. If she failed she would get a G tube in her stomach and would probably be re-tested in 6 weeks. Grow stronger, Josephine! Last night, I helped give Josephine a bath! She liked having her head shampooed but otherwise was a little distraught!

Madeline is doing quite well! She weighs 4 lbs and 5 ounces (we can't believe Josie passed her up) and has no breathing assistance at all anymore. She did get a couple rounds of steroids, so the next couple days will tell us if she can still handle being in room air (the steroids stay in your system that long). She has been working on bottling and breast-feeding and is still the front-runner in that department. Dan gave Madeline a bath last night and she had the same feeling as Josephine.

Sofia weighs 4 lbs and 14 ounces- only a couple ounces from 5 lbs!! She was switched off low-flow again over the weekend and is handling it just fine. I hope this switch is for good because she's been off and on a lot. Both Madeline and Sofia are not getting caffeine or amenophylline (which help thwart off spells), which is great! Sofia is working on bottling and breastfeeding as well. I can't believe this is our last major obstacle. They are growing up! Don't these girls look huge in all of these pics!? Those cheeks! :)

I bet everyone's excited for the weekend...the weeks have been going by quickly for me. We need to get the house ready for them because they'll be home before we know it! Until later...


  1. YA YAY YAY Girls keep getting stronger. You are in the home stretch, and now are feeders and growers!! Way to go!!! That was the exact room mine were in, and I remember it so well!! We were in reverse order it went Teddy, Bridgette and Samantha!!! These next 2 weeks will fly by!! Don't forget to get your rules out for visitors at home and hand washing. These adorable preemies take 2 years for thier immune system just to catch up to where a newborn baby is, mine will be 2 this fall, and we were very very careful with volunteers and visitors the first year, not so much this year as our oldest is in Kindergarten and brings home everything. Remember email me if you need anything, I will be happy to share what worked for us with "helpers". :)

    Keep up the good work James in watching over your sisters. Way tp grow Sophia, Madeline and Josephine!!!!



  2. Look at those chubby cheeks! They are just beautiful, you guys. Congratulations on your ICU graduation, babies!


  3. What exciting news! They are so darling! Sofia's cheeks are beyond cute!

  4. You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award, go to my blog and follow the instructions.