Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sofia Home Tomorrow!?

If all goes to plan, Sofia will be coming home tomorrow! She did a 12 hour scan last night that kept track of her oxygen saturation and heart rate. She had some de-sats, but all were resolved quickly on her own. The doctor is giving her the A-OK. Since she passed the scan, she has been off the monitors the whole day! It's crazy to be able to walk around without all those wires! She had a car seat test today, and we are pretty sure the doctor will approve of it. We'll know 100% tomorrow. As far as we know, the plan is to bring her home with us! Talk about scary!!

Madeline could be as early as Thursday, as she is getting the 12 hour scan tonight. She is doing well and we'll see if she passes like Sofia!

Josephine is getting some rounds of steroids as we try to wean down her low-flow settings. She is getting another bronch scope tomorrow, and then finally the swallow study is in the book for Thursday! We hope she isn't too far behind, because the hardest part of this journey will no doubt be having one or two at home and still having to go to the NICU!

We will see! Cross your fingers our babies will continue to do so well!


  1. YAY YAY YAY Sophia!!! What great new!!! And Madeline this week too, that is awesome!!! Sending prayers for Josephine to pass her tests this week, those steroids work wonders on the babies, my Bridgette got that extra boost a week or so before coming home and that did the trick for her no oxygen. They are doing so good. You try hard to get rest tonight. It may be the last chance for a good nights sleep for years, trust me I know. We are so very happy for your family, we pray everyday for you all, and think of James too. Way to go Klopp girls!!!!



  2. Martha,

    Good luck to you and your husband. I've been reading your blog and hoping for your best------- at this point my coworkers are emotionally involved too.

    I'm sure taking them home will be some scary stuff, but I'm sure being with mommy and daddy in a home setting will be great for them. I truly hope all goes well!



  3. YAY!!! so happy for your little family!!

  4. Ohmigod! That's so exciting! Good job, little ones. :)

  5. Martha and Dan,
    AWESOME!!! I am SO happy for all of you. James really knows how to keep an eye on his sisters -- he is forever their guardian angel. In reference to one of your earlier blogs, don't EVER apologize for being a germaphobe for the next couple of years -- my friend Angie's daughter has this thing she uses at the park (on the swings) and in grocery carts etc. -- Kylie Marie was born at 27 weeks!! I am going to make you some for the girls!!! and YES you WILL be at the park and playing on the swings before you know it. You are in my heart and prayers daily. I check your blog daily. My best always, Mary Moline

  6. We are so happy for you guys! It's so exciting to have Sophie home soon and Madeline not too far behind! It's definitely a balancing act having some home and some still in the NICU, but you can do it! We've had Brennan home for 4 weeks, Brooklyn for 3 and Landon's still in the hospital. Praying for you guys! Get your rest now! :)