Friday, February 26, 2010

11 + weeks Old!

Wow, nothing can prepare you for that first night with the babies home. Every mother out there is nodding her head... I didn't sleep a wink until 5:30 am or so and only slept two hours at the most. I felt miserable the next day! We were just trying to wing it the first night, feeding them when we thought they were hungry. I ended up in their room a lot wondering if the cries were from hunger or just baby moans. The new plan for the second night was to try really hard to get them on the same feeding schedule. If one cried to eat, we woke up the other one to eat. It actually worked out really well and we all got more sleep. Dan's mom, Deb, helped us out with both of the overnight feedings. I owe her!! I feel like a normal person today as opposed to yesterday (I was a walking zombie!) I know I will need to be up more with the feedings in nights to come, but having a night once in awhile to sleep more is crucial. Dan took Wed-Fri off of work, so Monday will be a sad day when he goes back. Luckily, my parents are coming Saturday for the week. We already have two appointments for this coming week; on Monday they go to their first pediatrician appointment, and then they both have eye exams on Tuesday. I definitely will need my parents help with those!

The girls seem to be doing really well at home so far. It's weird never knowing their oxygen saturation or heart rate, but we'll get over that really quickly! The pic below is Sofia in her new crib and then a close up.

Now here's Madeline...

Josephine got upgraded to a window room! It's sad having her at the hospital still, but in a way it's nice to try to get a routine with two so when she does come home we will know what we're doing! We had great news yesterday that, although she cannot get milk or thickened milk, she can take formula with rice cereal. During the swallow study, she took 50 mL of the formula with rice cereal. This is very promising, but we cannot rule out a G tube until we are sure she can consistently bottle. Go Josephine! Also, Josephine was receiving steroids for her lung function this week just like the other two girls. She has been without the low flow cannula off and on since Wednesday! Right now she has been off for awhile... more good news! We will know if she can keep it up by next week when the steroids are fully worn off. I wish I took a picture without her cannula yesterday, but this pic is cute!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, you're so amazing! I'm so happy for you that two of the girls are home. I hope things continue to go well for all three.

    I've never seen a crib mattress on an incline like that. Did you do that just by screwing one end in lower than the other? Pretty nifty!

  2. Way to go Sophia and Madeline!!!! They look so tiny in those big cribs. I was definately nodding my head in agreement with you. That is so nice to have the Granparents to help out, especially with the overnights. Praying hard for Josephine to join the family at home soon!! :)


  3. Dear Martha,
    Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I have 2.5yo spontaneous triplet girls and a 6 month old. I live in Roseville. I am part of the MVMOM group and someone posted your blog awhile back and I have been meaning to try and say "Hi." I remember vividly how tricky things were when the girls were babies. I am hoping that you would let me cook you and your family dinner sometime in the next 2 weeks. A triplet mom did that for me and I just remember how good it was to eat a homecooked meal. I know your busy but please email me or call me and I would love to drop off some food. If you have any questions or want to talk to someone who vividly remembers what it was like trying to get all three babies on the same eating and sleeping schedule. Please don't hesitate email or call me. I live on Oxford Rd next to Central park, my email is phone number is 651-765-1435. Take care.

    Elizabeth Aslesen

  4. We are so excited for you! They are so precious! Go Klopp girls!! :)

  5. Yep, the trick with twins, at least, is to feed both if one is hungry. Otherwise you're constantly feeding babies!