Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Results Are In!

Josephine is officially done with oxygen; she passed her sleep study! When I was leaving the sleep study on Tuesday morning they told me that the doctor typically reads the tests on Thursdays so it wouldn't hurt to call in early instead of waiting until next week. Sure enough, I found out she passed! We couldn't be happier but we weren't all that surprised. As soon as I got off the phone I took off that canula! It's so nice not to think about oxygen anymore.... next step: get rid of the G tube!
Besides that, Josephine is still doing well! She is so smiley in the morning (that's usually the best time of the day for all of them). I keep thinking about the upcoming swallow test. I can't tell you how much I want her to pass. I feel so badly that she has no choice about how much she eats, especially if the other two both eat poorly, I'm thinking "Well, is Josephine not hungry too??"

Josie after our walk... one of the canula patches is still on her skin but it is the last one ever!

Madeline is still busy! She loves to play on the Baby Einstein play mat with her sisters. They really focus on the rattles and stuffed animals hanging from it. There is also a little screen that lights up and plays Mozart for them. We received a Bumbo chair from some family friends. As long as they are alert, their head control is adequate to sit in it! Once they start wavering we just take them out.

Madeline just hanging out in her Bumbo chair.

Sofia is a happy baby! We love the smiles so seems like they are getting bigger everyday. She (as the others) really follows me across the room when I walk away. It makes me feel she knows who is mama.

Sofia smiling away on the Boppy.

Madeline and Sofia doing tummy time on the play mat...cute ruffles on their bottoms!
All three of them so happy! (left to right Josephine, Madeline, Sofia)
This past Saturday we met up with some friends to walk around Como Lake and here they are all ready to go!
Happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are adorable! I especially love the one of the two cute little ruffle-butts. :)

    Congratulations to Josie for reaching a huge milestone! Wooo!

  2. Yay Josie!! The girls are so cute and getting so big!

  3. Enjoy your first mother's day Martha!!! You deserve it!!!

  4. I just found your blog through a friend and I am so glad I did! I just read the whole thing! My daughter is a 26 weeker but I cannot imagine what you have gone through with 4 little preemies. Congrats to Josephine for getting off her oxygen! What a huge milestone!! I am now a follower and I am excited to continue to watch your little miracles grow! Happy Mother's Day!!