Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Belated 6 Months!

This past Wednesday they turned 6 months! I cannot believe it has been half a year already! Crazy.... I was reminiscing the birth with Dan's mom, Deb. We talked about how unprepared for how little and sick they were. Pictures of other preemies cannot prepare anyone to actually seeing one in real life. They just looked so fragile and tiny. It seemed like an eternity until we would have "real" babies. Now it seems so distant where I was worrying about their survival. I think about our lost baby boy, James, every single day, and I know Dan does too. I always wonder what he'd be like if he escaped those terrible brain bleeds and lived. Would he be a spitting image of his father? I just have to believe he is watching over his sisters- and wow, what a good job he has done! How beautiful and healthy they are now!

Anyways, life is still exciting with our girls! We decided to just let them go at night instead of waking them up to feed (sometimes they would wake us up but other times we'd wake them up). The first night they woke up at 5 am and the second night I woke up THEM up at 6:30 am! I don't know if they'll keep it up or even if we are "supposed" to let them go, but I like it so far! The number of feedings through the whole day won't be changed, which I feel is the more important factor. I'm also proud to say I have still been pumping milk for them (not enough but still a good amount). I never thought I could pump for the full year but I'm half-way there! A year isn't necessarily my goal, but it's not all that inconvenient yet, so I might as well keep on going.

Group shot of the girls. (L to R Madeline, Sofia, Josephine)

Dan's mom, Deb with the girls! Thanks for your help this past week!

Sofia! She is up to 10 lbs 9 oz and gaining at a good rate. She is the little peanut, but maybe she just always will be! She is doing pretty good at feeding lately, knock on wood. She goes up and down but for now she's great! (Sometimes beating Maddie!)

Josie is up to 11 lbs 8.5 oz! Her bottling adds much desired work to our day! She is doing such a great job and shows no signs of any feeding aversion. Now she's to the point where she is mad if she doesn't get to drink milk when she's hungry! We have only tube fed her a couple times since the weekend. I think we can start that four month waiting period soon!

Madeline is Madeline! She is spunky but so sweet. She is actually the same exact weight as Josie the last we checked! 11 lbs 8.5 oz! She loves to talk to her sisters! Nothing much to report besides that!
All for now! Have a great weekend!


  1. Can they really be 6 months old already?? I can empathize on so many things with you. You are doing an amazing job!! Your girls are beautiful, big and healthy!! James is doing a fine job watching over his sisters.



  2. Wow! I can't believe the girls are 6 months! Happy 6 months girls you girls are so cute!!!!! :-)

  3. Happy 6 months Klopp babies!! What a milestone!! They are beautiful and healthy! What a blessing!

  4. Look at those beautiful girls! It's wonderful to see them doing so well. Good for you for hanging in there with breastfeeding. It's obviously doing them a world of good.