Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Toy!

We are just loving summer here in Roseville! We get to take daily (if not two) walks every day and of course no bundling needed. Walks at night during the "witching hour" (come on, parents, you know when the witching hour is, right?) comes in great handy, especially since it's not too hot or sunny for a good walk.

Sofia is only 11 lbs 2 oz... her weight gain is still slow and it's just a little worrisome. Her babbling bottles are cute but talking won't put on weight! At night, she frequently is just overtired I think and cries if we want to bottle her. Besides that, she is doing great. She babbles, giggles, and just loves to be social.

Madeline is doing great at 12 lbs 6 oz! She, along with Josie, rolled over from back to tummy for the first time this past Sunday. She does it more consistently than Josie. She's also pretty social but not as much as Sofia.

Josephine is 12 lbs 8 oz now- still the biggest. She's very social and loves to show off her dimples. This past weekend we tried them all out in the Baby Einstein Exersaucer and they all love it! We have to put a little booster underneath so they can fit, but they really love checking out the toys on it. It's crazy how they keep changing!

Here is Josie wide awake during a walk.

Sofia and Madeline lounging with Dad outside.
Sofia practicing her rolling over.

Josie's irresistable smile!

This picture of Madeline kind of sums up how they are lately- very in-tune and intersted in the world. She kept grabbing onto the camera string!

Josephine playing in the Exersaucer! Notice this is how we are using the game "Cranium" lately instead of actually playing.

I had to show a couple of videos of them enjoying the Exersauser. The first one is Madeline's hilarious reaction to one of the toys.

Sofia shows how exciting the new toy is!

Hope everyone has a good week and 4th of July! We're heading up north to Dan's family's cabin and Duluth- our first real trip! Should be interesting but FUN!


  1. Isn't it so nice that they can go in the exersaucers?? I remember that being a HUGE lifesaver, one more way to free up your hands!