Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy First Father's Day, Dan! I am so lucky to have you as the father of our girls! What a great dad! We aren't doing anything all that special today, but we did have a fun little day trip yesterday at a friend's (parent's) house on a lake in Wisconsin. It was a nice day to be on a lake and it was fun to bring the girls out. It was practice for when we go on our first up-north trip. It's a lot different going places with three babies. So much to remember! The girls did very well yesterday being held by all of our friends. I'm glad there's no stranger fear yet (and hopefully never!) We also went to a reception for our good friends, Jake and Michelle, who got married in Florida over Memorial Weekend. Congrats again, guys! Michelle, you looked beautiful! It was weird but great to have a night out. (Thanks for baby-sitting Dave and Mary!)

This past week our girls had their 6 month check-up at the doctor. Yay for the girls being healthy but boo for shots and drawing blood! The doctor thought the girls were very strong and advanced for their adjusted age. They are doing some things at the 6 month level (like passing an object from one hand to the other). He was pleased with the progress and answered all of my questions. We won't see him (hopefully) for 3 months and no shots until 12 months.

Sofia weighs 10 lbs 15 oz . The doctor did comment that she isn't gaining as quickly as her sisters. This isn't concerning to him, luckily, but we probably should fortify her milk/formula even more if she continues to not finish her bottles. Sofia is really showing more personality these past couple days. During some of her bottles, she totally just wants to talk instead. It is hysterical! I think she just wants to hear herself make noise. She'll probably be the first one to talk for real and will always be a chatter box. We'll see!

Madeline weighs 12 lbs and getting a little chunkier! We are still so impressed with her bottling, almost always finishing. What a little super star. She's probably the most active physically. It's so funny; sometimes it looks like she's tap dancing on the changing table. Also, she seems to be more content than before... perhaps less dramatic except when she doesn't get her bottle quickly enough or if we take it away half-way through. Madeline also seems to be the most consistent napper now! Weird how things change!

Josephine weighs 12 lbs 1 1/2 oz. I'm so glad she's gaining weight just as nicely now that she is bottling. It shows we're doing something right! The nurse at the doctor's appointment said Josie was the strongest (she had to hold down each girl's arm while another nurse drew blood). She's doing wonderfully with the bottle and we even gave her the same flow nipple as Madeline (Sofia uses the fastest one because she seems to handle it very well). Personality-wise, she is definitely the most laid-back one still. She can be so serious, but also so silly sometimes.

When we were out at the reception Dave and Mary took the girls out for a walk in our triplet stroller for the first time! We were so excited that the girls fit in it finally (although needing some blanket propping). Once we heard they used the stroller we couldn't wait to try it out for ourselves!

Happy Dan on Father's Day!

We got these adorable outfits from the Purdy's. Who is who? Leave me your answers in the comments!
This is an adorable video of Dan making Josie giggle. Makes me so happy!


  1. Is it Madiline, Sofia and Josie?

  2. They are doing amazing. My guess is Sofia, Josie Madeline. The all 3 look so very much alike. Way to grow girls. Happy Fathers Day Dan!!!!!! James is doing a great job watching over his sisters. :)