Sunday, November 14, 2010

11+ Months Old!

It's been too long since the last blog update! The girls are over 11 months old (which makes them 8 months old adjusted). They are busy and happy- life is good! We haven't gotten the results from the DNA test back yet. It's really interesting to see all your votes, though! It's basically been 50/50 the whole time! I will definitely post the findings when I get them!

Sofia, Josie, and Madeline

    Josie is over 16 lbs and she is the first baby to wave! Since she started this I have noticed the other two do it too but I give props to Josie for being the first. Also, we were testing Josie to see if she could point out the cow stuffed animal and she did (and she did it more than once so we don't think it was just luck). It's crazy to think they might actually know some of what we're talking about

Sofia is finally 15 pounds! She is just a little peanut still. She basically does the same things as her sisters- pulling up, crawling, crawling over obstacles, feeding herself finger foods, etc. She doesn't like when her sisters crawl on her but she does the same thing to them! She will sometimes stand on her own briefly for a couple seconds (and once up to 10 sec according to my dad).

Madeline is over 17 lbs and she is still our easiest to put to sleep, which is a lifesaver. She is starting to work on clapping her hands now. It seems like they've really blossomed this past week so I can't imagine what they'll be like a month from now at age ONE!
Happy Belated Birthday to Grandma! Don't you love this pic below??

Happy Birthday Grandma!

One of the girls' favorite things to do is to "ride" each other, where one will hold onto another one and kind of knee-walk while the other tries to crawl. It's hard to explain so I posted a little video below! Madeline is riding Sofia and Josie is having fun crawling along with them. 

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  1. Happy 11 mo old baby girls, almost the big 1! They sure are beautiful girls, whether identical or not, they are all gorgeous!