Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Latest

It's great to be back at home after a nice long week in Duluth for Thanksgiving! Can you believe in a week from Thursday my girls will be one year old? Not too much is new here but I thought I'd share some new pics and videos.

Sofia is doing very well. Lately she loves blowing raspberries- either she'll just start doing it randomly or she'll copy one of us doing it. She seems to be really in-tune with us. She'll respond with noises and babbles when we talk to her (more than before). Another thing I've noticed lately is that she is getting pretty clingy to me and can get very "stranger danger". She warms up to new people after a bit but at first she'll cry. I still can't believe she's identical! (Well I can believe it, but it's FUN!)

Miss Sofia!

Madeline is still a busy body and loves to be interactive as well. Sadly, her cough has returned from summer. Ever since her summer cough she's been "rattling" and late last week it got worse and turned into a cough. I brought her to the doctor and he prescribed her antibiotics but it's nothing serious. We just have to be on top of that stuff!

Josephine is a sweetheart and we think she's a "daddy's girl" lately. She lights up when he comes home and tends to gravitate towards him during play time. She is pretty opinionated but can also have the best moods. She's probably the  neatest eater- she doesn't grab at the spoon or blow raspberries during a meal like the others. Ha, next meal she'll prove me wrong- we'll see.

Josie and her beloved blankie!
These next couple of weeks will be busy busy! This Saturday we're getting one year professional pictures from the same woman who did them before. The weekend after that we're having their second baptism (the first was in the NICU so we'd like a happier one) and their birthday party. We're going to keep the party small and simple. (And I can't believe Christmas will be here before we know it!) Below are some new pics and a couple of videos. I hope everyone has a great week!
Group Pic at Grandma and Grandpa's house! (Josie, Sofia, Maddie)
Sofia with her "Thankful for Mommy" bib!
Josie is "Thankful for Daddy"!
Madeline with the two grandmas!
Thanksgiving meal: baby food, then Cheerios on a tray! Next year the real meal?



  1. LOL! Love the videos! Their giggles are so cute! Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best wishes for a smooth next few weeks and a wonderful birthday celebration.

    This might be a stupid question, but is Madeline pronounced lynn or line?

  2. It's not a stupid question! We actually pronounce Madeline with the "lynn" sound. Thanks for asking! :)