Thursday, November 18, 2010

Results are IN!

they are all identical!!! It's exciting news... I am happier to find this out than I thought I'd be! Anyways, that's all for now...the girls and I are going to Duluth tomorrow through Thanksgiving weekend, woohoo!


  1. That's so exciting! Even though I would have bet money that they weren't, based on recent pics. So much for that, LOL!

  2. I found them so much alike!!
    You made identical triplets!!!!!
    In France they always ask:
    - are they real or false twins or triplets?
    Now you can answer "real"!!

  3. thanks for the news,i won my bet
    I am reassured, I not because of my poor eyesight if I find it difficult to distinguish

  4. some fun multiple stats:
    Hellin's Law states that before the advent of fertility methods, the natural occurrence of multiples would be as follows:

    Twins 1 in 90 live births
    Triplets 1 in 8,100 live births
    Quadruplets 1 in 729,000 live births
    Quintuplets 1 in 65,610,000 live births

    Those numbers have lowered to 1 in 38 for twins with fertility methods, as well as lowering the numbers for all other multiples. It is estimated that 60% of triplets are from fertility treatments, 90% of quadruplets are from fertility treatments, and 99% of quintuplets are due to fertility treatments.

    what are the chances of natural identical triplets? 1 in 150,000.

    If a woman has one set of identicals, her chance of having another is 1 in 70,000 or less.

    since the girls are are identical, it doesn't affect their chances of having multiples and they remain from 1 in anywhere from 38 - 90, depending on if fertility drugs are used or not.

    i couldn't find any stats at all on the chances of natural identical triplets being a part of a set of natural quadruplets!
    way to be unique!

  5. wow! that's so awesome :)

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  7. It was a good idea to do the test now. I know a set of twins who are in their 60s, who look SO much alike, but the medicine of the time said they couldn't be identical because they had separate placentas and gestational sacs. Now they've been told that doing a genetic test at this point would be inconclusive. Too many epigenetic changes over the decades. You have to do it when they're young to be certain.

  8. I thought they were!! WOW that is exciting!!! :)