Thursday, January 2, 2014

4 Years- Madeline

Our new tallest girl! These girls continue to surprise me! We checked their heights at 3 1/2 years and Madeline was the middle in height (Josie the tallest and Sofia the shortest) and since then Madeline and Sofia had a growth spurt. Now Josie is the shortest! We go to their annual check-up next week, so I will find out their percentiles, but all three are a little above 38 inches according to our crude measurements.

Madeline Sue.... she likes to pair up with Josie and they can be quite the sneaky pair. Just recently, together they completely wiped out Will's clothes in his closet (the clothes are still in a heap because I just can't get to that task yet and it will be a good chance to put outgrown clothes away, etc). A couple weeks ago they did the same thing to Dan's shirts in our closet. It took me a long time to put them all back and they had broken many hangers. UGH! Also, Madeline and Josie went in my shower and put soap all over their clothes. Seriously, they are doing things I would expect of toddlers, not preschoolers! Madeline has finally learned to lie as well which was a sad milestone to hit. I loved their inability to lie before, but now I have caught a handful of lies. Luckily, she's not good at it yet. One other sad milestone is hearing Madeline tell me she doesn't like me or that I'm not her friend. It didn't sting as much as I thought since it's only when I am disciplining her and I know she is just mad at me! Oh well! Moms can't always be friends.

I will think of positives about her now! :)  Dan and I are both in love with her huge belly laughs. She has the most unique laugh of the three and it's impossible not to smile when hearing it. She has a sensitive side. Both Madeline and Sofia get left out and they take it quite personally and really need cheering up.

Madeline's favorite things...

Food- Chicken, yogurt

Color- Blue

Animal- Moose (duh!) but she also likes many others, such as cows, squirrels, chipmunks, hippos, buffalo, turtles, penguins

Stuffed Animal- any of her moose

Toy- rubber moose, but also new Minnie Mouse toys

Phrase- Also "I can't know" and "You be my friend?"

What she wants to be when she's bigger- zookeeper

Things associated with Madeline- Moose, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Frosty the Snowman
The "official" 4 year portait
Outtake- she is trying really hard to smile

Love her serious ones

Another serious Madeline

Better stick with just trying to catch a real smile, not asking for one! Ha!

This was out of the blue!

Here is her interview...

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