Sunday, January 5, 2014

4 Years- Josephine

Josie is the current queen bee among my girls. She still needs her mama time and she is sometimes excluded. The difference is, it is usually under her own accord. In six months from now, it may be totally flipped!

Josie, and other two to a slightly lesser extent, can have quite an attitude and may tell me to go away when I check on them playing. She is getting more and more independent- being able to dress herself (including outside clothes), put on shoes, put on those tricky one piece PJs, and use the bathroom alone. I'm not going to pretend this is all the time or even the majority, but she is definitely making strides and taking pride in doing it herself. I should have been pushing for this greater independence a year ago, but hey, I'm not perfect!

Josie the most of the three still has the most severe mood swings. Her giddy, happy moods are fun and cute, but she also has the strongest temper tantrums. (And please, do NOT wake her up! The last time we travelled back from Duluth past bedtime, getting her back to sleep was horrendous. She was like a trapped wild animal who can also speak quite irrationally!)

Some of Josie's favorite things....

Food- PIZZA!

Color- Yellow (purple is her color too)

Animal- the house cat, but she extends to mountain lions, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars too

Stuffed animal- Blackie, her black cat  (but she has a lot of cats and makes sure they're all in their cage at bedtime)

Toy- Her rubber cats, princess toys

Phrase- When she's in a good mood and I ask something of her, she will say "OK, mom!" in a slightly more annoyed mood, the same phrase in a different tone :)   Also, if she doesn't want to do something she says she will do it "Really, really, really later!"

Things associated with Josie- cats of all kinds, yellow and purple things, princess stuff in general but Cinderella and Rapunzel  in particular, Mickey Mouse
Josephine's "official" portrait
Another favorite of Josie
Sweet pea

YES! THIS is my favorite outtake of the three girls... this really was a planned "smile"! Don't hate me when you're older, Josie!

 Next up will be Christmas, then Will's one year post. Stay warm everyone!

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