Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope you all got to do something fun for Halloween! I actually had a lot of fun carving pumpkins and passing out candy with Dan. We had to carve the pumpkins in record time! Dan was working on Saturday and came home after four and we have 6 pumpkins to carve before dark! We made it in time though! There's no way that anyone who came to the door had any idea why we chose to carve 4 little pumpkins "A, B, C, D". It kinda looked like we just couldn't think of something better! Oh, and one little family came and I didn't put it together fast enough but Dan said "I think those were triplets!" They were pretty little and so adorable! Taking the picture below took some talent- we put the camera on timer, but getting Odin in place and looking was a challenge- but it turned out perfect!

I'll wait till my next appointment to do a big update, but since the last blog I did feel my first kicks from outside! We haven't been able to sneak Dan in fast enough to catch them, but soon! Also, I have stayed under the 140 blood sugar cut-off for all but two meals so far. I'm already pretty annoyed about not being able to eat just WHATEVER and instead think of how many carbs it has. (Especially last night with Halloween candy!!)

I'll write again on Wednesday! GO VIKINGS!!!!!!

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