Tuesday, November 10, 2009

23 Weeks and Holding Out!

Only one more week until viability, our first goal! If our babies were born at 24 weeks they would have a chance to survive, but it would be likely that they could have some long-term consequences. Good thing that I am feeling no sign of preterm labor! Our next goal is 28 weeks, which is only 5 weeks from now! It feels so far away still, but when I think back to 5 weeks ago, it seems like yesterday!

I'm noticing even more movement this past week. Sometimes I will feel a big, hard lump in the middle of my belly- either a head or a butt? I love feeling the movement and the lumps! They are squirming around so much! I used to think I knew for sure who was kicking (except C and D), but now I'm not sure because they're about a foot long right now! When I feel kicking really low, it has to be A, though! I am also feeling a lot bigger right now. Changing sleeping positions or just getting up from a sitting position has been trickier because of that! And I'm only half way there in terms of weight gain!? Yikes!

My mom and dad came into town for a couple nights to help out and just hang out. It makes a big difference just having people around when Dan is at work because I don't get so lonesome! Tomorrow (Thur) one of my best friends, Leah, is coming from Duluth because her husband is flying out of Minneapolis to Chicago for a residency interview. More company! :) My sister-in-law Lara and her son Dane are driving from Detroit to arrive on either Thursday night or Friday. I'm so lucky to have these visitors!

We're in the middle of deer hunting season! I bet there are other hunting widows reading my blog out there...but luckily this past weekend I got to see a couple of friends (thanks Marie and Leah P!), so that kept me busy. This weekend will be fine too since Lara and Dane (and my mother-in-law!) are in town! Last weekend, Dan's group got four deer. Monday night they spent hours cleaning the deer (two were cleaned in Duluth, two in the cities). Dan's brother, Pete, started cleaning the deer at 12:30 pm to give them a head start!

I am finally finishing up my registries...it's so hard to figure out what we need! Some items we don't need multiples of, but others, yes. Any quad/triplet moms out there have any special insight? Well, have a great rest of the week and weekend! I can't wait to give you another update after our week 24 appointment!


  1. Oh martha...I am so excited for you....yay for 23 weeks! Keep cooking those babes, you are such a champ. Enjoy feeling those little ones, I miss that! Let us know where you are registered because I would love to get you and the little ones something! Enjoy your week darlin!

  2. Martha, I am thinking about you daily and checking up on you:) As always you have a great attitude...love, mary

  3. hey woman!!! i'm a fellow-quad mom from texas with 2 year olds. 3 boys, 1 girl (2 boys are identical)- born at 30 wks 1 day. congrats on 23 weeks! that is amazing!!! hang in there. there is an awesome network of quad moms across the country and we are here for you! you can check out my blog/our blogs for encouragement! we have been there and know exaclty what you are going through. keep up those positive thoughts as we are praying for you!

    suzanne steece

  4. Hi martha. I started following your blog through Alison J's blog. I am a triplet mom and would highly reccommend getting a a bobby for each baby...they are a savior at feeding time! Glad to hear things are going well. You are doing great!

    Alison Hanlin