Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost One Week Down!

Hello from the hospital! I was meaning to update the blog sooner, but I'm either really exhausted, or too much is going on here. I've had a lot of visitors so far including Dan's siblings/brother-in-law, Dan's parents and aunt, my parents, two of my brothers and my sister-in-law. My friend Marie came last night too! Obviously Dan has been here every day if not twice a day. Because it was Thanksgiving, there was a lot of family in town, so I'm sure my visitors will definitely start to wane. So far I haven't had much time to be "bored"!

The whole reason I am in the hospital is to monitor the monoamniotic twins, but this has proven difficult! One of my doctors ordered to have ultrasounds two times a day, one of them being a biophysical profile, and the other to just get a quick look at the heartbeats. I also get monitored for contractions twice a day. During the BPP, the doctor looks to see if the heart is beating normally, the amount of amniotic fluid, fetal movement, and whether the baby is practicing breathing movements. I may be missing one of the factors, but those are the basics. Every BPP I've received, the babies have all scored "perfect". Yay!

I've had some challenges here too, though. On Monday and Tuesday I got steroid shots to put my babies at an advantage if they did come sooner rather than later. The shots really affected my blood sugars, and I've had to take insulin ever since (only 2 units usually). The shots played with my emotions too so I was really teary. By Wed or Thur I was feeling better mentally. I've been getting a lot of contractions too, and the last couple days they've given me shots of terbutaline and pills of some other medicine helping to calm my uterus. Having contractions is to be expected since my uterus thinks I am overdue based on the size! The shot of terbutaline makes my heart race and gives me the shakes- no fun. I have to take the other pill every four hours (even during the night). I also found out that my thyroid is a little out of whack, so I started that pill this morning! (If I wasn't pregnant it wouldn't be completely necessary to be on meds though.) If it seems like there's a lot going on, you're right! I'm guessing it will only get more complicated. I would still say we are sailing smoothly. Just stay in there, babies!

The food is ..well, OK. I've been lucky that family has brought snacks and leftovers. (Including venison and lots of Thanksgiving food!) I am able to order two entrees per meal now and they are giving me a couple high calorie shakes a day. I've only had ONE dream about a Chipotle burrito (hehe)!

There is a possibility that I might have to move to another Allina hospital to better monitor the monos. I guess the nurses over there are able to do BPP ultrasounds. The doctors and nurses did say that the four will be easier to monitor by doppler when they get a little bigger, so I might not have to move. The other hospital doesn't have private NICU rooms like this one does, but they still have a really good reputation. We'll see what happens!

I wish I had fun pics to post, but maybe I'll put up another belly pic this week (scary!!) Until later...


  1. Hey Sweetie! First off CONGRATS again on making it as far as you've made it! That's a HUGE accomplishment! WTG!! I've offered before, but thought I would again. I don't live too far from you, and if you are looking for some company I am most certainly able and happy to come up and visit and just hang out in your room. I might even bring some stuff up to give you a facial and a foot massage! Besides you DESERVE it don't ya? You are baking those 4 precious lil' souls of yours! That's a feat in and of itself worthy of celebrating. I was also wondering, if you would be interested in a completely FREE maternity photo shoot? I can do it while you are in the hospital no problem. I am also MORE than happy to photograph the babies when they arrive and you are ready for professional pictures of them. I do not have my website up and running yet, however, if you'd like to see examples of my work I am more than willing to get those to you ;) I can send you a CD at the hospital to view or send them via e-mail, whatever you want ;) Well, it is a quarter to one and I am off to sleep ( I hope) spent ALL day on the road. Had to make a trip to Bemidji and back all today!! 15 hours will do that to ya ;) Hope this post finds all well at the hospital this evening. God Bless!!

  2. Hi Martha,

    Congratulations on getting through hospital week one! I swear that one is the hardest. You have to learn the routines, get to know a million staff people, and adjust to a new bed, new pillows, new mindset, new everything! I remember being in the hospital and thinking every morning, "Is today going to be the day?" It's really hard on your psyche to have that big question mark hanging over your head every day, isn't it?

    Have you met any nurses or other staff that you like? I remember two people that brightened my day just walking into the room. I hope you find some staff that make you smile when you see that they are assigned to you!

    I wish I could fast forward time so that your hospital time feels shorter. In the meantime, figure out which staff you can tease and be friends with, make time for yourself each day to do something just for you, and keep that awesome positive attitude. You're doing great!

    Have a good day!
    Kristin Hoffman-Peavler

  3. Martha,
    You are doing great! Call me or e-mail me anytime if you are bored! Amy Ojard and I were trail running today and I brought her up to date on your progress -- you are in our thoughts and prayers. Knowing these babies have two Oles as parents no doubt gets you an extra boost in Amy O's book! :)

    Just a couple more little hills before the can do it!