Wednesday, November 18, 2009

24 Weeks: Viability, but Hospital in Sight

Wow, there's a lot to update today! I should have written yesterday to split everything up! I'll start with today's appointment. The babies are all growing! All four of them are within the normal range of what they should be. The nurse gave me a shot of RH immunoglobin because my blood type is O RH negative. I'm getting so many pricks and shots throughout all of this! Wait till they start me on insulin- oh boy...

The doctor informed me that I will be admitted to the hospital next week on Monday; not because of any current problems, but just to be safe and start monitoring the monoamniotic twins. I was a little surprised but know that it will be for the best. On Monday I will get my first round of steroid shots. Apparently it's kind of a painful shot in that the liquid is really thick. It's really weird that when I check in on Monday that I won't be leaving for hopefully a couple of months. I also realized how much I will miss Odin!! Life is officially changing.

We took a tour of the Labor and Delivery and the NICU today after the appointment. It was really interesting to see where my home will be! The NICU was especially emotional because we saw the rooms where the babies will be staying, complete with isolettes. We caught glimpses of some premature babies and that really hit me too.

Here are the stats for all the babies. Baby A is making me really proud; she is "cradling" my uterus, meaning there isn't a head, foot, etc pushing on my cervix. She is helping distribute the weight and she still has enough room for herself! Her estimated weight was 1 pound and 6 ounces.
Baby B is still breech and foot-to-foot with Baby A. His limbs are pretty long and his weight is estimated at 1 pound and 9 ounces. He was very active during the ultrasound!
Baby C is still the smallest but growing on track. She is estimated at 1 pound and 5 ounces.

Baby D is tied with Baby B with estimated weight: 1 pound and 9 ounces. All three of the girls' heads are close to each other while B is off in his own little corner. The picture below is labeled "C", but the tech changed her mind about who was who. Those monos are tricky!

It was so fun to see them again on ultrasound. Once we're in the hospital, I get an ultrasound every other day! The monos will be monitored everyday but how frequently/duration I am not sure yet. No sign of preterm labor, so we have to pray for the monos.

Last week my parents stayed for a couple nights to help out and keep me company. My dad went on a day trip to Willmar to see my grandma. My parents bought us a couple cribs from Ikea also! That made my day! On Thursday, my friend Leah Stellmaker came with her baby, Anna to visit and help out.

This past weekend was fun because my sister-in-law, Lara, and her son Dane stayed at our house. Dan's mom and grandma stayed at Dan's aunt's house. They all were helping out and keeping me company. They even went on a little shopping spree! Dan's grandma, Sue, bought us a nice armoire for the nursery, plus a travel crib that I registered for! The travel crib looks great- nice and compact and sturdy looking. Sue also sewed together a wall-hanging of animals and window valances for the nursery- so adorable! My mother-in-law, Deb, bought a nice changing table, plus she started painting the wood trim white in the nursery to brighten it up a little. Lara and I had a quiet movie night on Friday- very relaxing! There was so much going on during the weekend, so I know I didn't mention everything. Below are a couple pictures of Dan putting together the armoire. I'm so proud of my handyman husband! I wouldn't have a clue even WITH instructions!

Oh, and a great friend from St. Olaf, Chelsey, brought me Chipotle for lunch yesterday! YUMMMY! This weekend I am looking forward to a baby shower put on by Lara and held at Dan's aunt Mary's house. It will include Duluth friends and some family. Dan is planning to hunt again, but I hope he comes home early on Sunday since we will be preparing for Monday and spending our last little bit of time together at home before everything changes.


  1. Hi Martha,

    Congratulations on week 24 -- what a milestone! The pictures of the wee ones are especially cute this week. You should be so proud of the hard work you are doing to keep those babies growing and happy! :)

    I spent three weeks on bed rest in the hospital. If they'll let you, you might consider bringing a few things from home to make it less sterile and more, well, homey! I also had the steroid shots -- it's not that bad. A little achey for a little while, because it goes into such a big muscle, but otherwise not too painful.

    I'm so excited for you and Dan -- and Odin! He's going to have such a surprise when your little ones come home. :)

    Have a wonderful night!
    -Kristin Hoffman-Peavler

  2. Congratulations on 24 weeks! (that's me next Wednesday!) I'm sorry to hear about the hospital bedrest though. It sounds as though you have a lot of friends and family that would be happy to come and visit you though. That will definitely help to pass the time. TV, Internet, and good reading materials will help some as well!

    Hope this week goes well for you!

  3. I found your blog and wanted to tell you congrats on reaching viability! I had a preemie (33 weeks) and got the steroid shots. They do hurt, but they're SO worth it! I am pretty sure that's why my guy didn't need much breathing assistance after he was born! Sorry about the bed rest and I know it will get mundane and seem pointless, but every day you can bake those babies will make them lots healthier when they make their debut! :)

  4. Hey Sweetie,
    Congrats! on the quads pregnancy first off! Exciting, yet scary at the same time. I wanted to pop in and let you know that I live a very short distance from you and am MORE than happy to come help when the babies start coming home! And by all means if you just need somebody to keep you company, or help around the house, run errands, whatever let me know! I know I don't know you, nor do you know me, but I would LOVE to get to know you. Hope things continue to progress in the right direction for you and God bless you sweetie! and your wonderful loving husband as well. Best wishes.