Monday, December 28, 2009

The Roller Coaster Continues

Sofia is doing well today- her heart rate is back down to where it was before she got sick/the problems started (around 140-150s). She is on the lowest vent setting also with good blood gases! When we visited tonight she did have a major de-saturation (where the blood oxygen level went down) but I think that was just a minor blip. After the surgery she did have two drainage tubes but one was taken out today. The other one in her back will hopefully be gone within a couple days. Then we can think about holding her again! I can't wait to feel that little munchkin on my chest!

Madeline took a turn for the worse this morning, showing too low of blood pressures and acidosis of the blood. Since then, she's been put on blood pressure meds to help that out. She got better throughout the day luckily, and her last blood gas test result tonight was the best one she's had in the last couple days. I hope she keeps that up. She was going to possibly get fed today until all this happened. I think she was just feeling bad for her sister Josie, who didn't have the best night and day.

Josephine is on the schedule book for PDA ligation surgery tomorrow in the early afternoon. This is the same surgery Sofia had a couple days ago (minus draining air from the chest cavity). We got a phone call in the middle of the night last night because Josephine was needing a lot more help from the vent. She was de-saturating a lot and didn't have good blood gases. She wasn't too bad the whole day but needed a lot of adjustments on her oxygen levels. This surgery will be a good thing for her, I think. Surgery is surgery, though! Wish her luck!

We left the NICU tonight with everything pretty decent. When things are relatively quiet with our girls, my first thought is "RUN; before anything bad happens!! Gotta leave on a good note!" Goodnight!


  1. Sending lots of prayers for those beautiful girls and you & Dan.


  2. Also praying things go well for all of the girls. Thinking of you often.

  3. Hang in there! I am "pulling every string" I have in the power of postive thinking AND prayer department!! If those little girls are anything like their mom they are truly "tougher than nails." Love, Mary

  4. Martha
    We have read about the baby girls, and are thinking of you and Dan, and sending our best thoughts and prayers for successful surgery.

    Mary and Glen Holt

  5. You dont know me,My name is Karin. I have been keeping up with your story every day! My heart goes out to you both! There is not a day were i dont think about you two, the girls and James! I pray for you every day! My husband and i have been throu a simulare situation last year! We know your pain! We pray for you every day! Go day by day and belive in miracle!