Thursday, December 3, 2009

26+ Weeks!

Less than 2 weeks until we can breathe another sigh of relief! At 28 weeks they all have 95 or so % chance of survival...I think we will make it! I was going to put up another belly pic but I momentarily misplaced my camera cord. Arg! Oh well, as soon as I find it again I'll put up a pic. I also have some cute ultrasound pics to put up but I have to wait for Dan to scan them to the computer.

This whole last week I've been having ultrasounds at the clinic (a short wheelchair away) in the morning for biophysical profiles. We've been getting a lot of perfect scores; keep that up, babies! The ultrasounds have been at 8, so I've been getting less sleep. I have to order breakfast 45 minutes ahead of time which is annoying. I tried to pre-order breakfast tonight because I was told that you can do that by multiple people, but the lady told me I couldn't!! I think it depends on who answers the phone taking orders because some of them are crabby and some are very accommodating. It's just annoying that I could sleep an extra 1/2 hour if I didn't have to order in the morning. Every little bit of sleep is such a luxury because I wake up so often during the night. I guess this is practice for when the babies arrive??

The heart rate monitoring has been going better lately. We're able to get the monoamniotic twins more consistently. This means I probably won't be moving to the other hospital. Other good news is that I heard from a very experienced perinatologist (in his 70's) that he has never lost monoamniotic twins due to a cord accident after 26 weeks! It seems to be a bigger problem at an earlier gestational age. Most of the doctors and nurses have said that they only remember good outcomes for monoamniotic twins. I am feeling pretty confident!

My mom came today just for a little visit. (Drove all the way from Duluth late morning and left by 3:30! She said it was worth it though!) It was nice to just hang out for awhile- took my mind off everything. Dan is in Louisiana for a couple days so this broke up the lack of visitors. We're already almost to the weekend! That means no 8 am ultrasound at the clinic (the perinatologist who does rounds will just do a bedside one)! Well, I hope everyone has been having a great week!


  1. Hi! I found your blog the other day while looking for women who were in the same stages of pregnancy as I was. Just wanted to stop by and say hello so you could see who was reading!

    I cannot believe you have four little ones in there!! Congratulations! Keep up the good work and feel free to stop by if you need to pass some time reading!

  2. All I can say is Great Job and WAHOO!! Keep it up Martha!!

  3. I am in the same boat as Kelly; I found your blog while searching for other women due around the same time as me (03-08-10) and was so intrigued by you having FOUR little ones growing inside you! Great to hear all is well and I will keep looking forward to more updates :) My blog requires an email to view, so if you need more reading material, just send me your email to ( Take care and keep up the good work!