Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Weeks Old Tomorrow!

Wow, I can't believe that 3 weeks ago I went to sleep not knowing what would happen at 3 am... I've been talking to some friends the last couple days about the birth story, so I have been thinking about the actual water breaking, C-section, etc lately. What a crazy ride this has been! The great thing is that today was actually a good day!

Sofia is back to her old self it seems... Her heart rate is low and comfortable, she has had good blood gases and is just "being Sofia" again. Her second drainage tube is coming out and she will be extubated tomorrow! They will put her on CPAP and if that is too much then she will go back on the high flow like before. Her nurse told me that she'd be up for holding again later tomorrow! YAY! I love that I caught her eyes open in the pic below.

Madeline's odd little set-back went away just as fast as it came! She does have a high heart rate still but her blood pressure is where it should be with no meds AND she has had good blood gases! She had an esophogram today that showed no leak. Because of that, she got her FIRST feeding today! I dipped a Q-tip in my milk and put it in her mouth while she was being fed. She sucked on it a little bit. We want her to connote sucking with a filling belly!

Josephine had her surgery today and it seemed to be quite successful. Before the surgery, we were warned that one of the possible side effects could be damage to the vocal cord because it is in close proximity to where the surgeon would be working. I guess Josephine's vocal cords split in two and one half of it was probably damaged because the surgeon was unable to move it out of the way. This damage can result in a hoarse voice for a couple years (usually not longer than that). Not a bad deal, I believe, considering the one other worry from this surgery the doc mentioned is nicking the vessel and the baby bleeding to death. We are quite pleased with everything! When we went to visit tonight, her vent settings were already a lot lower than before. Her blood gases were even "too good", meaning they lowered the vent even more before we left! I hope she keeps this up! I think this surgery was a very good thing for her.

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  1. So glad to hear they are doing well! What a precious picture of James too.

  2. Thanks for the update! Made my night!

  3. Martha and Dan,
    Wow! Thanks for the update...it has made my day as well! I just know 2010 will embrace you and your family with good health and many adventures! Do the 2 of you have a "wish list" to make your long days go by faster? Books to read? Music to listen to? Games to play? If you post it or e-mail it to me I would love t try to help!! Happy New Year! It will be!! Love, Mary

  4. Those are some great updates!! YAY for a good day, praying all the days continue to be good and those three beautiful girls are home big and healthy before thier due date!! :)

    I know James is watching over his sisters, that is a great photo of him.



  5. So happy to hear all the positive reports!

  6. So excited that the girls are doing well. James is doing his job watching over his sisters!