Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Survived the First Week!

I can't believe it's already been a whole week since Sofia and Madeline have been home. I have to say, it is harder than I imagined, but we love the experience nonetheless.

It's really sad not having Josephine home- we aren't able to spend all that much time at the hospital with her, but we manage to get there once a day. She has been taking more and more bottles per day of the formula with rice cereal. Currently, she is without the cannula. She's so cute when we go visit her- she smiles when she hears our voices. The doctor thinks she will be another week or more before she is ready to go home. She still spells sometimes while bottling. I want her to be all done with those before she comes home! I was hoping to put up an updated picture of Josephine but I forgot my camera! I will put one up when I can so you can see how cute she is!

We had two appointments for Sofia and Madeline on Monday (pediatrician) and Tuesday (eye). My parents were there to help get them there without incident. On Monday, we were doing so well without a hitch, but when we checked in, the receptionist told us our appointment was in Woodbury! That was a big miscommunication there (long story- apparently we picked out our doctor from an out-dated brochure from the NICU)! Luckily, another doctor had some cancellations and was able to see us. The pediatrician said the girls looked good- very strong! The second appointment was to see if there were any changes with their ROP. Sofia stayed the same (Stage 1 both eyes) with the exception of a small portion of her left eye had progressed to Stage 2. Madeline's eyes were the same (Stage 1 both eyes). The doctor wasn't worried, but wants to see them in two weeks (if she was concerned, she would see them sooner). It's such a bummer we have to go back because the girls absolutely hate the eye exam- they scream and cry bloody murder for the whole exam. It makes me so sad!

Sofia and Madeline have been taking turns on who wakes up to eat during the night. I haven't quite learned to distinguish their cries yet, but when I go in their room, one of them is wide eyed and the other is sleeping! We always wake up the sleeping one to eat and so far that has worked out just fine (YES!) We are lucky in that they don't need to be rocked to sleep after the feedings, we just put them in their cribs (a plus learned from the NICU). Thanks, mom and dad, for helping out with those midnight feedings!

Here are a couple cute pics of the two...

Sofia right after her first bath at home. She seems to be saying "What are you doing!? I'm cold!"
Madeline with her typical wide-eyes.
Sofia on the left and Madeline on the right, bundled in their Halo sacks but wide awake.

Madeline on the left, Sofia on the right.Hope everyone's having a good week and sleeping more than we are! :) We'll make up that sleep in, oh, 15 years...


  1. Martha, you seem like such a great Mommy :) I love watching your girls grow and change. They're so beautiful! Try to find some strength to take care of yourself as well, ok?

  2. Hi Martha,
    Oh they are just so beautiful! My mom (Annette Klein) is a nurse at United and I handled preemie triplets...I know how important sleep is. :) That said...My mom and I would love to come over and take a shift with the babies either during the day, or over night, so you and your hubby can catch up on some sleep.
    (I also know to change clothes before I come over, and wash hands, and all of the safety precautions for preemies)
    Anyway, when you are looking for extra arms either during the day or at night, give us a call.
    We'd LOVE to cuddle those little ones and take a feeding or two so that you can get some shut-eye!
    They are just beautiful!
    Alison Jonswold

  3. The girls are beautiful! We're so happy for you guys!