Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forgot to Mention...

The girls had yet another eye exam yesterday. The good news is that Madeline and Josephine are DONE with the eye exams for a whole year! (The eye doc expected Josie to be done but Madeline's was a pleasant surprise!) The bad news is that Sofia has to go back in two weeks. The whole eye appointment process will be a lot easier with just one baby, though. I'm also sure her eyes will be just fine- we just have to keep monitoring her to make sure her slight ROP regresses.

Today I have to bring Sofia and Madeline to see the endocrinologist regarding their thyroid issues (Josie will go another day). Apparently they blocked off TWO hours for this appointment- I really hope they do that just in case. If it goes that long that will not make for a happy mama! Have a great day!

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