Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Bigger...

Our girls are just getting bigger and bigger... Dan and I realize they are growing, but it's fun when either my parents or Dan's parents come after a long week away and can tell how much they grew.

Here are the updates.... Josephine went to a pulmonology appointment today. I knew that there wouldn't be a decision on removing the oxygen today because they want to do a sleep study for it to be official. The sleep study is a week from today and I'm not looking forward to it! Neither Dan or I need to stay the night with her but one of us probably will anyway. There's no way I would actually be able to get some sleep there but it's just one night.
At the doctor today, Josephine weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz!! What a big girl! Lucky Josie never misses a good feeding with her G-tube. I can't wait to start bottling her again (hopefully June?) Her voice is so strong compared to right after her PDA surgery. You almost never can tell she has a paralyzed vocal cord.

Here is Josephine deep in thought.
Madeline, our little feisty one, is doing very well. She isn't as big of a drama queen as before and really loves to smile and talk. She hasn't been weighed recently at the doctor, but I plan to bring her mid-week with Sofia.

Madeline's side profile.

Sofia is a sweetheart, too! Her bottling is off and on but still a lot better than a month ago. I took a bunch of pictures today because she was smiling up a storm, but I kept getting only little smirks (I'm not fast enough with the camera)! Sofia has been losing her beautiful locks, but that is so typical with little babies. She has a GREAT mohawk going on- very stylish! (Josephine has lost the least amount of hair.)

Sofia with a mohawk and smirk!

The ECFE program that the girls are in came this past Friday. They pretty much just observed the girls to see if they were on track. The girls impressed them, especially while they layed on their play mat.

On Sunday this past weekend, some of my great St. Olaf friends came over to meet the girls. They were all on their best behavior (the babies, I mean. Haha). Madeline proved herself to be the funny one with her facial expressions and her busyness. My friends got the girls some adorable baby bathrobes and me a gift certificate to a salon! That will surely be a treat for me to get away for an hour! My awesome friends also brought over some pizzas and a DQ ice cream cake! (All a surprise!) Thanks again, you guys!

Have a great week, everyone!!

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  1. Those girls are sooooo flippin cute....can't stand it. Hope you guys are enjoying them! Is it sad that my BIG boy weighed as Josephine at his birth weight....goodness. You look great Martha, by the way :)