Saturday, April 17, 2010


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have a couple of minutes to update the blog since some family is over entertaining the girls! (Thanks, Holts!) It's so funny- when people come over we rush to get stuff done because we have people to entertain the girls! Tonight we both ate, Dan did the dishes, I folded the laundry and started a new blog.

The girls are doing great! We're very busy obviously and it's rare when all three are sleeping at the same time(except at night). They are so interactive and almost seem to see us across the room! Not really too much else to report right now, so how about a few new pics instead?

We've been catching so many social smiles from our girls- and we do anything to get those smiles out of them (baby talk, funny faces and noises). Here's a pretty good one of Madeline. It's really hard to take a picture fast enough so most of them were half smiles! Isn't her face filling out?

Josephine was looking at her dad, smiling away.
Josephine and Sofia hanging out on the boppy with me.

OK, I was pretty lucky I caught this on video...this totally happened out of the blue! You might have to watch this one twice. Notice Sofia's facial expressions...

Good thing we've been keeping their pacifiers separated! What's the point?? We know they're sharing germs one way or another!


  1. Hi Martha, Dan, Josie, Madeline & Sophie!
    I have been reading your blog from the beginning and it is so fun to see the girls getting so big and developing their personalities! They are absolutely adorable! I loved that video - what a crack up! I think I see some Langager in those little faces! :) Glad that you are all doing so well and settling into something of a routine! Have a great week ahead!
    Love to you all!! Mary & Randall Kaufmann