Friday, April 2, 2010

Update on the Girlies

Another week under our belt! We have our routine down but it doesn't involve much besides feeding, diapering, and staring at our girls (and once in awhile trying to calm down three furious babies at the same time- usually before feedings but sometimes for no apparent reason). I still love my new job!

Sofia is still doing well with feedings. It is annoying having to give her two extra meds but we're dealing. I would still say her disposition is pretty even-keeled. We haven't gotten a weight check lately but she has to be 7 lbs by now!

Madeline is the same old spit-fire baby we know. She's so funny and loves to be a drama queen. She does love to cuddle, though! My only issue with her right now is that her feedings aren't her strong suit. It seems like she sucks too hard and can't swallow the thickened milk fast enough so it dribbles down her chin! I might try to schedule her swallow study sooner because maybe she would just prefer thin liquids now.

Josephine is still so sweet! She actually had an Ear, Nose, and Throat appointment yesterday. The doctor did a scope down her throat to see if she has regained any function of her paralyzed vocal cord. Unfortunately, it is still paralyzed, but her other one still compensates nicely. The doctor said that if it's still paralyzed at 18 months that it will probably be forever. The good thing is that he said she should be able to swallow even if she only has one cord (we have been told that before). She won't have a swallow study until June, but that gives her a lot of time to get stronger! She is still on oxygen for now but we see the pulmonologist at the end of the month to see if we can get rid of it. She only has it on for one of the pictures below, but really she's on it the majority of the time besides when we are trying to get quality group shots.

Speaking of pictures, here are some fun new pics.

OK, girls, SMILE!!

This one is pretty decent (L to R Sofia, Josephine, Madeline).

Bath time! Sofia seemed like she wanted to hate it, but then would realize it was pretty nice!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Sofia! What a cutie pie!

We couldn't get Josephine to like the bath this time. Maybe next bath...

Madeline was on-off hating and loving it. Dan fixed her hair in this pic- so stylish!

The identicals! (Madeline on the left, Josephine on the right)

Close-up on Josie sans-oxygen.
Pretty successful group shot (L to R Sofia, Josephine, Madeline).

Sweet picture of Sofia on the left and Madeline on the right.

I love Josephine's "What you lookin' at?" expression.
All for now! Babies crying!


  1. They are ADORABLE!! They all look so much alike, I forget which two are identicle. I am continueing to send prayers your way. Let me know if I can help with anything.



  2. They are getting so big already!

    I remember bath time at that age. It was so hit or miss as to whether or not they would like it.