Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 already?! I'm really excited to see what this year will bring... All I know is that it will be a crazy but wonderful year! I hope everyone had fun this past New Year's Eve. Dan and I went out to dinner with some friends, which is great because we haven't had much time to just relax and hang out with friends. We had to go back to the hospital after dinner so we could wish our girls a happy new year. Next year I doubt we'll make it to midnight!

Time for the updates... Sofia is doing very well on CPAP but is not quite ready to go to hi-flow. The nurse practitioner said it could happen tomorrow, though, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Based on the picture below, you wouldn't think that CPAP is a step up from the vent. It looks like an awfully complicated contraption and is not so pretty! At least I got some cute pics of the other two girls. Sofia is getting started on feedings again. She is getting 1 mL every couple of hours so it is considered trophic feedings (the point is to get their GI system going rather than nourishing them). She will be so happy when she can start getting full feedings. One of the nurse practicioners said that a full tummy is really the only way to get a truly happy baby.

Madeline is doing pretty well but is the farthest behind in the breathing department. She has an off-and-on heart murmur, so if she continues to also have unstable oxygen needs she might have another echo to check out the PDA. Besides that she is fine! She is eating the most out of everyone at 2 mL every 2 hours and the feedings will increase soon. It's fun, because the girls have been more alert lately, proven by the video below. I also had to include a pic of me holding her cradle style.

Josephine is doing well also! Can you believe all three are doing relatively well STILL? Josephine was extubated today and is on CPAP. I just called in to see how her first blood gas since the extubation was and it was even better than before! She will get started on feedings again tonight or tomorrow. Josephine missed having the vent tube in her mouth, trying to suck on her feeding tube instead, so Dan put a pacifier in her mouth. She loved it! (Wish I had a picture of that!) The video below is from yesterday when she was alert (and you can see how much she loves to suck that vent tube). Whenever I see any of the girls' eyes open I RUN to get the camera! I think I'm going to buy some disposable cameras to leave there for the nurses to use if they wish. Never can have too many pictures of your babies, right?

I just found and ordered some baby books online! I wanted to find three that were the same style/brand but different covers, and these were perfect! I cannot wait to start filling out the books. Well, happy new year everyone and have a great weekend!!


  1. What great news!! Happy New Years!!

    Continuousd prayers,


  2. How fun to see the videos of the girls, Martha! We are SOOOOO anxious to see them "in person"! I think that we may be in the Cities tomorrow for 3 hockey games that Jack is playing. I know for sure that Dave (and Jackson) will be, but not sure if the girls and I are coming along.

    Was hilarious talking to Deb on New Years...they were just on their way to the cabin and Odin was in the front seat (Deb's side)...we had to hang up the phone, because she was struggling with him to get him in the back! Can't wait to see Odin with Tootsie!

    Continued thoughts and prayers to you, Dan and your beautiful family! Love you all. Connie

  3. Too precious! Great news on the babies!

  4. Oh my goodness! We can see EYEBALLS! :) What big girls they are, showing off their pretty eyes...

    Love reading the updates, thinking of you all every day...


  5. Thanks so much for writing this blog and sharing your experience with us. My husband is Mike Klopp's cousin and we heard about your babies last September.

    Deb gave me the blog URL so I can catch up on what's happened.

    Mary and Roger Klopp
    Stoughton WI (near Madison, WI)