Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

It's been a great couple of days! Sofia did a complete 180 with her feedings. She is consistently finishing her bottle and doesn't fall asleep or refuse anymore! I'm not sure if she had a little virus or if the thyroid med is making a difference, but we are so happy with how she's feeding! She's a little feistier, which has kept us up at night a little more, but we would take that over how she was before. I really have to thank my mother/father-in-law for their help this past week. When Sofia was hospitalized, it really caught us off-guard when our lives were busy enough. I can't be in two places at once, so it was really helpful to have them taking care of the two at home while we were at the hospital. Thanks again!

We had a home care nurse come by today for their last RSV shots of the season. They obviously hated the shots, but I was glad to see their weights. Sofia was a meaty 6 lbs 7 oz (she was 5 lbs 11 when she was admitted to the hospital on Monday and discharged at 6 lbs 2 oz on Wednesday), Madeline weighed in at 6 lbs 10 1/2 oz, and Josephine was the big girl at 7 lbs.

This past week, ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) came by and met the girls to get their initial evaluation. This is a free program to us to give them a head start in different areas of development (they'll work on PT stuff, oral stimulation for Josie, etc) so that they stay as close to on track as they can (important for preemies!) They were very impressed with the girls' strength and alertness. They are lifting their heads like 3 mo old even though they're only 2 weeks adjusted. They did not see any red flags, so that was a nice relief. I think they loved to meet our girls (they didn't get to meet Sofia yet, but they will soon).

We stole a couple of pics of Josephine while we were switching out her oxygen canulas. Don't worry NICU nurses, it wasn't for long ;) . Doesn't she looks so healthy and cute?!

Big yawn!
We took them on another walk that ended up being pretty short because it was colder than we thought. They are so cute in their little fleece suits. The hats they are wearing were made on a loom by Dan's grandparent's friend, Lee. Aren't those hats adorable?
Sofia had to wait in the bouncer while we got the others ready.
Josephine looking like an angel. She seems to be the most calm and I even see her being the wisest- don't ask me why, but maybe it's because she's gone through the most.
Madeline giving me her typical look in the pic below. I have to say, she is still the funniest one. She cracked me up so much a couple days ago... she would be sucking her pacifier, falling asleep, then would startle awake and start crying (and repeat) Also, when she sucks the pacifier and it would fall out partially, she would suck whatever part was in reach, usually just the tip. She was frantic not to lose it! I wonder if she'll always be the one to make me laugh the most...Add ImageAdd ImageMy parents are on their way to the cities as I type to help us out this coming week. This Tuesday is our first outing with all three for their eye exams, so help is crucial! Oh, if any neighbors are reading this, thanks so much for the meals this past month. It's amazing how people really reach out to help out neighbors. I will pass on the good karma when it's my turn. Well, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. oh my stinkin cute!!! Let me know if you need anything you guys! they are adorable :)

  2. Those pictures are adorable!!! We LOVE the folks that come out for ECI (Early Child Intervention from our local ECFE) Was one of your people Connie?? She works for ECI in your area and was one of my volunteers to help feed at the 6PM feed 2 nights a week. I am so happy that they see no red flags. We have been fortunate enough to have the same results and we are down to quartly visits!! :) You can also qualify to have a nurse through the state come out for weight checks, it slips my mind at the moment the actual title of the nurse I will email mine and find out, once our Home Health Care nurse was down to once a month we had the other nurse come out every other week.

    Keep up the good work!! We are praying!!

    Mary :)