Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Due-Date Birthday, Toddlers!

    March 9th....the girls' original "due date". Of course, we knew there was no chance on actually getting to their due date- or even February for that matter, but it is an important date to us! The due date tells us what their adjusted age is. So, they are ONE year old, adjusted! Next year we won't even be thinking about the "adjusted" age because they are supposed to be caught up by then.
    Tomorrow, the girls go in to their 15 month appointment! (No shots, phew!) We'll see if they make their real age growth curve yet, but I doubt it. We don't have big girls by any means. Luckily, my parents will be able to help me with the appointment. They are in town to pick up my brother Ben from the airport (visiting from Portland).
   Now that Sofia, Maddie, and Josie are toddlers, my initial plan was to be done with formula as soon as their stock pile ran out. So.....I confess I went out and bought just one more can ("toddler" formula this time) because I was just not prepared to be done with bottles just yet. It's more sad than I thought it would be to be done with formula and bottles. They just seem to like their routine, but I know it will have to change at some point. My main excuse is that I need to talk to the pediatrician about cow's milk/water/nutrition in general before we're done. Giving up formula along with giving up pumping were two hassles I thought would be so easy to give up but both proved not to be! They aren't babies anymore!
Yesterday, I got a call from the library saying the book I requested was in, so today I brought them all to go pick it up. I really don't take them out too much, and every time I do take them out I'm reminded that it is out of the ordinary to have triplets- and that's putting it lightly. We were stared at by just about everyone. Some pointed, some just gave me sweet smiles, and some commented to me. I haven't experienced any negativity but I hear from other triplet families that they do. Anyways, I am not used to getting stared at for any reason.  To make everything harder, the girls sometimes start bawling when strangers look at them up close. Today, it was Madeline and Sofia. I wonder how the airplane and airport will be in April...
   Madeline is walking full time now- she surprised us because Sofia had been ahead but Madeline just got motivated lately. Sofia will be full time walking soon enough, and Josie is walking more each day! All three love to imitate us more than before and they clap and point so much! They are so fun!! OK, picture time (and video to show Madeline's skills).
Sofia looking up at another balloon (thanks for the entertainment, Mary).
Josie peeking.
Madeline- now what color are her eyes? I can't tell.
They're saying "You're really making us wait for food?!"

Odin just cracked us up yesterday- he gradually and nonchalantly got up on Dan's lap like he is a true lap dog! Uhhh, I don't think so, Odin!
  I'll try to update with their percentile stats tomorrow.  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Congrats... they sure are growing up. Ours are almost 2yrs old and its amazing how fast they grow from 15 months to 2. We were looking at pictures and movies from last year and can't believe how quickly they had grown.

    The McCleary Quads

  2. Thanks for the update! I was always wondering how you take them out with only 2 hands and 3 babies! You should do a post sometime of how you accomplish everyday stuff with three toddlers... moms like me are in awe!! :)

    They sure are cute! Happy adjusted birthday!!

  3. My littlest stayed on formula until she was 15 months old for extra nutrition and I remember the morning of her last bottle, I was so sad. The next morning she picked up her sippy cup and started drinking and all I could think was - nothing? I've been worried about dropping bottles and it's nothing?!