Monday, March 21, 2011

What's new in the Klopp household...

A couple weekends ago, we had a visit from my brother Andy and his wife Aimee, and my brother Ben visited a different day. Fun times! This past weekend Dan's parents stayed with us to help get our house ready to sell. We bought our current house 4 years ago and it's been an ongoing project ever since! I just can't wait until this process is done. Thanks for all the help, Mike and Debbie! Our goal is to finally list our house on the market next weekend.

Sofia is a walking machine! She still copies us and she even covers her eyes to play peek-a-boo. At her 15 month appointment, she was still not on the growth curve for height or weight, but she is 25th percentile for head size! Woo-hoo! The doctor said both Sofia and Josie are "holding their own", which is nicely saying they aren't gaining weight quite as quickly as would be ideal.

Sofia patiently waiting for food.
Madeline walks everywhere too and even is trying to run. All of the girls understand so much of what we say- more than we even realize. When I was changing Josie's diaper, I said to Madeline "Madeline, pass me a diaper", and she did! What!?! At the doctor's, Madeline wasn't on the growth curve, but was 25th percentile for head just like Sofia. The doctor is impressed with her weight gain and he says she is catching up. He also said they act closer to 15 month girls than 12 month.

Josephine is still unsure about this walking thing. We see her stand up on her own and take about 5 to sometimes 10 steps, but she doesn't want to take it up full-time. She also gets really intimidated if she's up taking steps and she sees a sister walking towards her. She is just a more tentative girl! Josie is right there with understanding and also practices saying more words. At the appointment, Josie of course wasn't on the growth curve but also has a head in the 25th percentile. Maybe we'll have smart girls!

Family pic! (Josie and Madeline with me, Sofia with Dan) Photo courtesty of my bro, Andy

Madeline, Sofia, and Josie.
We took the Choo-choo out!! The girls love it! Thanks again, to my triplet mom friend, Elizabeth!! (Laila, Lily, and Caitlin, thank you too for passing on your wagon!)
Madeline, Sofia, and Josie!

Sofia lovingly hugging Josie!

Have a good work week!

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