Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Girls...

Our girls are busy, busy TODDLERS. Oh my! They love to see what they can climb on and what non-toys they can discover. Their recent thing to climb on is their music activity table. Who cares if it can play fun music- it's way more fun to sit on! They also love to climb on the fireplace brick and just hang out. It makes me really nervous when the girls are up there.

They had their last RSV shots of the season this past Tuesday. Wow, I'm glad we're done with the monthly terror! I'm so thankful they were able to get them but glad we're done. It's a sign of spring! Knock on wood, the girls really haven't gotten sick this winter but we've been diligent about keeping them away from the public. I miss being out though! Come quickly, summer!
Sofia so happy!

Madeline :)
Josie- this pic makes me smile!
Sofia in the chair backwards...Maddie and Josie patiently waiting their turns?
Josie joining Sofia and Madeline
Here are some walking videos. The first one shows Madeline walking (this movie cracks me up) Josie is in the next one and Sofia is the last one.

One big piece of news is that we found a new house to fit our huge family! It's in a suburb of St. Paul and we close March 31! We have the mortgage rate fixed so it feels very real! I'll miss our neighborhood but not the tiny house (really, it wouldn't feel tiny if we had just one baby). Some of the highlights are 4 big bedrooms, a big kitchen, main floor laundry, a sport court (you can play basketball, tennis, etc on it) and hot tub in the backyard, and it's really close to a nice nature preserve and park. We plan to get our current house on the market really soon but we are in the middle of fixing up the basement. Hopefully it won't take too long to sell.

Dan's sister, Lara, and her two boys are here for a couple of days, plus my parents are coming back from Florida so we'll be busy in a good way! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Laila laughed hard at the video of Madeline walking. Thanks for sharing.