Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have to add these videos... anyone out there have/had a baby that does this mode of transportation? All three girls have been doing this for a long time but I haven't posted a video of it yet. Every person who sees it thinks it's funny and hasn't seen it before. Have you? The first video is of Sofia doing it, then Josie is doing it in the second.

I just wrote a full update so scroll down if you haven't read that one yet!!


  1. My sister's kids (all three) did the "solider crawl" when crawling and in the initial stages of walking. It is cute and, as hard as it is for us to do, the kids get around amazingly well. Once the kids got walking down/they were more steady on their feet, they let go of this modality.

  2. My daughter did it as well. We'd get all kinds of attention when out. Mostly people who had know someone who did it and thought it was adorable. One person at church asked to take a video because he taught a early education class and they had just talked about this kind of crawling.

    So cute!

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  4. Thats quite funny. Our quads didn't do that. But they may have if we had hardwood floors like that.

    The McCleary Quads

  5. Addison did a variation of this...she kept her butt on the floor. We called it her ape walk:)