Thursday, March 18, 2010

Josephine Home Tomorrow??

I thought I'd update on what's happening this week. The doctor told me today that they are going to do the scan on Josephine tonight. If she does well then we can take her home! Is it finally the day all three get to be together? We are so excited to have her home! We are crossing our fingers that she'll pass the scan! I'm sure she'll pass the car seat test because she is the biggest of the three right now. Dan and I will go to the NICU tomorrow no matter what to learn how to use the G-tube. Other updates on Josie are that she's about 6 lbs 9 oz and she is in ROOM AIR- no canula at all! While she was bottling, she was probably getting so much food in her lungs and that was why she was needing oxygen. I'm glad we figured that out even if it means G-tube. Sorry I have no new pics of Josephine- there will be PLENTY soon! :)

We are just a little worried about Sofia right now. We brought her and Madeline to the pediatrician to get a weight check and we found out that Sofia only gained ONE ounce since her last weight check 2 weeks ago (she weighs 5 lbs 14 oz)! We were already noticing that she doesn't seem to be as interested in the last couple of days to feed as she was before. She'll do fine for the first couple of minutes, then she will give us a grossed-out expression and refuse to eat anymore. The good thing is she does not seem to be ill in the slightest, but it is worrisome as to why she's ho-hum about food! The pediatrician (a different one than before) told us to offer every three hours, even during the night (what? no 4-5 hour stretches now!?) Of course, we aren't supposed to push her either or it could turn her off even more. We go back today for another weight check and to see our regular ped.

Madeline showed us she can really gain weight! She weighs 6 lbs 1 oz as of Tuesday (a gain of 10 oz in two weeks). She is still a voracious eater and it seems like she would eat all day long if she could. I recall being like that in high school and college (especially during track and cross country!) She is eating twice as much as Sofia during some of the feedings. We are happy about how Madeline is doing.

Look at us with our Baby Bjorns! We think they absolutely love being in them on walks. We had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather since it's not here for good yet. All of the snow is melted here in the Twin Cities!
I'm really looking forward to this weekend- Josephine will probably/hopefully be home, and my uncle from Connecticut is coming to visit! He is the one who married Dan and I and even talked about our quads during some of his sermons. It's fun having family and friends meet the girls for the first time. Have a great weekend, everyone! I promise I'll add new pictures soon- I would take some now but they are sleeping, so I will wait until they wake up!


  1. you guys are too cute for words! hoping that josephine gets to join her family soon!!!


  2. We are praying for you Josephine!!! Do they think Sofia could have some reflux trouble with the recent eating changes?? My Samantha has been on Zantac since a few weeks after she was home from the NICU, she had/has bad reflux. Just a thought.

    Sending prayers your way and Congratulations!!!!!



  3. Wow so exciting! You guys are so cute in the Bjorn's! Ours love them too! Hoping Josie can join you soon!

  4. I am so excited that Josephine is hopefully coming home tommorrow. I am praying that it all will go well. My first thought with Sofia is whether she might have reflux. Lilly was a terrible eater she would eat 15ml and then just stop and sometimes start screaming. I wish we would have tried reflux medicine sooner, I think it really could have helped her. I hear this weekend is not going to be as nice. But next time you go for a walk in Central Park maybe we could meet you there. If you want you could send me a text or something, my cell is 515-883-0813. Take care.


  5. We had a baby that wasn't a huge eater, too. We ended up using a faster flow nipple with her, and it made all the difference in the world! It's worth a shot if you're not already. . . . We also found that babies under, say, 8 pounds just didn't seem to get as hungry as bigger babies, and always saw an increase in appetite as each baby hit around 8 pounds. I'm so glad that you're all going to be at home together soon!