Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on Josie

She is off the vent and on high flow! She is acting like her old self, plus she is getting small amounts of milk through her new G tube. Josephine couldn't wait to get off that vent! Yesterday she received some caffeine-like drug to jump start her breathing and it worked wonders. Plus, they switched the type of pain medication because the morphine might have suppressed her breathing. They will continue to wean her breathing support (we'll see if she will end up on oxygen at home, but at least we're not talking trach again). The doctors really do believe there was no infection which is a big relief.

What a gorgeous day in Minnesota! We had to get out for a walk with Sofia and Madeline. I think they enjoyed their Vitamin D! Take care, everyone!


  1. Way to go Josephine. We are praying hard for you!! It is beautiful here in MN today. I will be playing outside today with my crew.

    We so look forward to the day we can get all of kids together.