Saturday, March 13, 2010


Josephine started having a lot more spells last night and early morning so they first switched her to CPAP from low-flow. She had another big spell so they had to reintubate her this morning. They are giving her antibiotics to be on the safe side, but they think she is just too sleepy from anesthesia or the pain meds to breathe. This was not fun news to hear this morning. The plan is to keep her on the vent all day, and if she is doing well, extubate tomorrow. They will wean her more gradually compared to yesterday (CPAP, high flow, low flow). She could even start getting small volumes of milk in her new G tube tomorrow if she is stable. This isn't the route we thought we were in for, but we are staying positive that this is very temporary. Thanks for rooting for our little Josephine.


  1. Sending prayers for Josephine.

  2. We are sending thoughts and prayers for little Josie and hoping she'll be home with her sisters soon. She is going to be one tough cookie!

    Sure was great to see you last weekend...Sofia and Madeline are just precious. And look GREAT! (You too, Dan!) ;-)

    Love all you guys!