Monday, January 11, 2010

32 Weeks Tomorrow!

Can you believe that I'd be getting my C-section this week, FINALLY? If everything went smoothly and according to plan I'd be meeting my babies for the first time and they'd probably be a little plumper than they are today. Hmm.... Well, I'll write a quick update.

Sofia is doing very well still! She has been weaned down from the high-flow to the low-flow. It isn't as noisy and there isn't a component that heats the air anymore: less tubing! She is also getting basically FULL feedings of milk (mixed in with a Human Milk Fortifier for more calories) every 2 hours. She is making more baby sounds which I am just in love with. She no longer needs the IV for extra nutrition since she's getting so much milk. Sofia does still need an IV in for fluids or electrolytes. Overall, we couldn't be more pleased with her! :) In the pic below, Sofia is on the right and Josephine is on the left.

Josephine is doing almost as well! She was weaned off SiPAP (skipped CPAP altogether!) to high-flow. Yesterday they weaned her to low-flow like Sofia, but they put her back to high-flow this morning at 5 am. We are still very satisfied with her progress! She is at full feedings as well so some of her IVs are gone. She is becoming more vocal too, but we are even more happy about this for her because we weren't sure if she'd have a voice (because of injuring the nerve for the vocal cord during surgery). Both Dan and I have held the two together Kangaroo Style and they love it! (I guess they don't care that they have to share mom or dad!)

Madeline needs your extra prayers...nothing too serious we don't think, but she is on the ventilator and is having bronchospams (sp?). Yesterday, it seemed like she had more of them than a week ago, so this was concerning. They finally diagnosed yesterday that she has pneumonia. This is probably why her spells were increasing. She was already on antibiotics that would work for pneumonia, but one of the antibiotics was increased yesterday. This increase should boot the sickness (and we should start seeing her get better starting today). I guess pneumonia is relatively common with preemies and not all that serious if caught quickly enough. They (and we) really want her to get off the ventilator, so an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor will see her today or tomorrow to scope out her breathing airways to see what is going on. The doc might find that the cartilage is "floppy" and that is why she is having so many spasms. The cure for that is time and her getting stronger. She isn't "acting sick", which is so important to me. She is still feisty and her blood pressure is normal (and she's even still pooping!) We think she will get better, but I'm impatient and I want her better now! When Dan called this morning, he found out that Madeline had a better night, so that's what we like to hear!

Dan and I are falling more in love with these babies each day. Holding them is the best feeling in the world; can't even describe it! Today, one of my best friends Leah gets to meet them! I get so excited each time someone new meets them. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Sounds like they're doing great! Instead of just now meeting them, you got extra days with them. Keep the girls and you and hubs in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. precious, precious babies! we'll definitely keep madeline especially in our prayers---as well as everyone else! isn't kangroo care the best feeling in the world?

    suz steece

  3. These pictures of you all with the girls are just beautiful! Happy due date and prayers for everyone... of course!

  4. Way to grow Sofia, Josephine and Madeline. We are sending extra prayers for the pnemonia to pass quickly for Madeline. They are all doing so well. Sounds like James is doing a good job watching over his sisters.

    Your family is in our constant thoughts and prayers.



  5. You guys are so amazing. I'm pulling for all of you, especially those premies!

  6. Praying for you, especially Madeline! They're getting so big! It's so exciting to see their progress!