Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls Together Again!

Yesterday was an absolute blast! Madeline took a little field trip to Sofia and Josephine's room and we got to hold all three of them at once! After that we put them all in Sofia's crib and just stared at them for an hour or so! Non-stop entertainment!
(Update-wise, they are all doing well...Josephine is happy on HIGH-FLOW and they have even weaned her down since she's been on that. She just needs to get a tad bigger so she can be in a crib too. Sofia is still without breathing support and doing great. Madeline is on low-flow and is handling it so far! All are gaining weight at the appropriate rate and, more importantly, pooping!)

Here are some pics from yesterday. It was a bummer because our digital camera ran out of charge so we had to take most of the pics using the camcorder (and those were grainy). The first pic is the real camera. I also had to include not only two videos from yesterday, but a video from Friday because I caught such a cute sneeze on camera by Madeline!

OK, I want to see how good you all are. Who is who, from left to right in the pic below?! Post your guess in the comments!

video video video


  1. Josephine, Madeline, Sofia. That's my guess. :)

    I'm so glad everything is going well. I think of you all every day and continue to pray for a quick exit out of the NICU! Grow, girls, grow! :)

  2. They are too sweet! And they all look so big! I bet it was wonderful to have them all together like that. A little dose of what it will be like when you get them home. More babies than you have hands!

  3. They are just adorable! I hope they get to come home soon!

  4. Congratulations!!! What a HUGE milestone!!! This brought tears of joy to my eyes. James is certainly smiling on you all!!

  5. My Guess Madeline, Josephine & Sophia!! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the video! Your girls are so cute! Its so fun to see you holding all 3! And I don't think I can even guess which order... I'm bad at these things!!

  7. Looks like so much fun! What a beautiful family!

  8. How precious!!! Sofia,Madeline and Josephine is my guess.

  9. Josephine, Madeline, Sofia is my guess!

    These pictures and videos are so sweet! It's amazing to see how much they've grown!

    Much love from the Mills Clan :)

    -Caitlin Cleary

  10. Dear Martha & Dan,

    I am a friend of your cousin Laura Hillmer (Wratkowski), she just told me your story with the quads. I hope you don't mind my following your blog, and praying for your family. I do understand a little of what you are going through. Sadly, your precious James, is now with my identical twin daughters, Kiersten & Brooklyn. My daughters were born at 27weeks4days gestation (Sept. 24, 2007), due to Kiersten's heart stop beating. Brooklyn lived in the NICU for 11 days, until she contracted pseudomonas bacteria and her premature lungs could not fight it off, and she too passed away.

    It sounds like your girls are doing very well, and I am so happy to hear that... they will help get you through your great loss of James. I will pray for you and your children, and hope that this journey is easy on your heart. Take care and may you be blessed in this long journey, you both seem so strong. Hugs, Renae Bragg,