Thursday, January 7, 2010

Already 4 Weeks Old!


Sofia has gained some weight! She's at 2 pounds, 10 ounces. She is doing so well these last couple of days. She is still on high flow but they are reducing her settings. The nurses are weaning her pain meds from her surgery (she needed more pain meds than Josie for their recent surgeries because the chest drainage tubes are painful). She is getting more and more of mother's milk! Every 12 hours they increase the amount by 1 mL, so she's up to 7 mL every 2 hours! (Sometimes she has barely any residual milk in her tummy and sometimes she has more) She had a head ultrasound because it's been 4 weeks since birth and there is no new bleeding. Her ventricles are developing normally, showing it would be unlikely she would develop cerebral palsy. I had to include another video this entry...Sofia is so wide awake! I put a pic of each girl with their animal blankies they received for Christmas from the hospital. It will be useful if we take pics of the girls every week or so with them to keep track of their growth! (Their animals stay in the isolette with them!)

Josephine is doing so well also! She is up to 2 pounds, 7 ounces, and her feedings are increasing more every day as well. She's currently up to 6 mL. She is on the SiPAP (similar to CPAP) but her settings are being weaned gradually too. Her head ultrasounds are looking normal as well; no signs leading to cerebral palsy. We've been able to hold her as often as Sofia. Look how cute my hubby looks holding sweet Josie!

Madeline is the biggest right now at 2 pounds 14 ounces (but some of it is extra fluid). She has been re-intubated since I wrote last, but the docs just think she got tired out from breathing on her own. She just needs to get bigger and stronger and they aren't too worried about her. A couple days ago she had a spell of bad blood gases but she seems to be over that, thankfully. She is getting fed as well but not quite as much as her sisters (3 mL every 2 hours). Her head ultrasound was normal, too. All three girls had their first eye exam yesterday. Their eyes are developing as they should and there are no current signs of ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). ROP is very common in preemies as young as ours but most cases are very mild and resolve themselves. Only 5% would need laser treatment to fix the problem, but the surgery is usually very successful. Their next exam will be in 2 weeks. Our brother-in-law, Charlie, is an opthamology resident and when he heard who did the exam for our girls, he said that she was the best pediatric opthamologist in the country! Lucky us! I wanted to put up another pic of Madeline but it turned out too blurry...

I was able to hold Josie and Sofia at the same time! I have done it twice so far (the first time Josephine started going low on her oxygen saturation so it only last 15 minutes. This pic is from the second time (held for a whole hour). It was so neat to look at both of their faces at the same time. The only drawback was I would have an itch and wouldn't be able to scratch it!! Don't they look so tiny in this pic?

Since the babies' birthday, we have received so many gifts/emails/messages/cards from family, friends and even people we have met only once (or never met!) I cannot believe how generous you readers are! We even got a gift card to Babies R Us from another mom of multiples who is touched by our story. The emails alone are so appreciated! Thank you so much, everyone (you know who you are!) I hope everyone is having a fantastic new year so far. I'm so excited for 2010!


  1. Martha and Dan, that video is so precious! I haven't been able to watch any yet, so it was a treat to see Sofia in action. I love her bubble-blowing -- so cute!

    I'm so glad that the girls are growing and progressing. I can't imagine how wonderful it feels to hold your girls regularly and bond with them.

    It seems that new hats might be in order, too. Are the current ones getting too small?

    I hope you two are doing well.


  2. What wonderful updates!! They are getting big and look fantastic, continued prayers being sent your way.

    Sofia, Josephine and Madeline keep on growing and getting stronger we love all of the good news. James is watching over you all!!



  3. Hi Dan and Martha,

    I love the updates! Dan, I am living down in Mexico right now and I want you to know that we are all cheering your family on from down here! Congratulations on a healthy week!


  4. Many prayers for your family. They are just so precious!