Monday, January 25, 2010

34 Weeks Tomorrow!

Hello! It's been a pretty decent last couple of days! Two of our girls are in CRIBS!!! Who knew being big enough to be in a crib would be such an important milestone! Sofia and Madeline both moved into cribs on Saturday. The nurses tried with Josephine but she couldn't keep her body temperature up (she is the smallest, so it's not a big surprise). Since Sofia and Madeline are in cribs, we are at free will to pick them up whenever! We haven't really abused this too much yet because we don't want to overstimulate them.

Sofia was on and off of any breathing assistance (low flow canula) for a couple of days, but for now we're sticking with the low-flow. It won't be surprising if she stays on for a bit because they are weaning her caffeine this week. Caffeine helps prevent spells (when breathing and heart rate go down) but at their age, they should be outgrowing these spells anyway. Sofia, along with her sisters, had her second eye exam on Saturday. The results showed her eyes are still immature but show no sign of retinopathy of prematurity! Yay for now!! Nothing much else to report about our little Sofia.

Madeline has been loving her high-flow! She hasn't become any worse since they stopped the steroids: such a great thing! Madeline likes being in a crib as well. On Saturday, she was almost too warm so they had to get rid of a layer. Her eye exam showed the same results as Sofia. The video below is so adorable! I had put in her pacifier but left her to go check on Josephine. I was sure that the pacifier would be out by the time I got back, but she figured out how to keep her hand in that spot so she could continue sucking! Luck or smarts?

Josephine's been having it the roughest lately. In the pic below, she is on high-flow, but they weren't able to keep her on it for very long. She is back on CPAP, but I am just thankful she's not on the vent! I would love it if she stayed off that for good. She is just having a lot of de-sats but other than that she's not acting sick. I'm sure she just needs to catch up, and her de-sats are only prematurity-related (at least that's what we're hoping for!) An ENT doctor will probably check her out sometime this week to see if there's anything going on with her airway. She will have to go to the OR room for that but I'm not really sure how invasive it is. I hope we find out some answers! I'll update later this week when/if we find anything out. The good thing is that she's still tolerating her feedings, and she's growing! Also, her eye results were the same as her sisters. Not too shabby...

Dan and I got to go to the Timberwolves game this past Friday night courtesy of the Twolves, who donated a bunch of great seats to the Children's Hospital. It was a close game (they lost in the last second!) During the game, Dan and I came to the realization of how when our girls have to go to the potty, it will be MOMMY who has to take them!! (I guess some places have family restrooms, so that's good.) Dan thinks that's just so funny! Ok, well have a great work week everyone!


  1. girl!! those precious beauties are just looking better and better everytime you post! hope you are recovering and taking care of yourself---b/c it won't be long before they will be joining you at home---reminding you constantly of three healthy sets of lungs! lol. keeping your lovely family in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Glad to hear the girls are doing well. So what is your schedule like? Is one of you always at the hospital with the girls? Are you already back at work?

  3. So happy to hear that you have two in cribs! Grats on the great results with the ROP. On all three girls too. Every day just keeps bringing better news. Sending my prayers for strong lungs and more weight gain, Beth (from the expecting march mult group)

  4. They are doing great. Sending extra prayers for Josephine. She is moving along alot like my Bridgette. (Who I might add is perfectly healthy at 16.5 months old)

    Continuous prayers for all 3 girls (and you and Dan too).