Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just have to say, Madeline is on high-flow and loving it!! She was on CPAP yesterday and doing so well that they decided to put her on high-flow today. Before she was extubated they gave her some steroids to jump start the lungs, so they said her success could be temporary, but also she just could be ready now! No matter what, we aren't seeing bronchospasms and she is in room air for her oxygen needs! YAY!

Josephine is on the vent but doing pretty well. They want to extubate her early in the week...hopefully that is still the case tomorrow! She is on full feedings and still feisty!

Sofia is on low-flow, the next step after high-flow. She is doing well but still has some spells. She is also on full feedings.

Keep it up, girls! I'll try to post pics tomorrow or the next day...


  1. Go happy to hear the good news keeps coming!

  2. Way to go Sophia & Madeline!!! We are praying that Josephine gets to move up to high flow soon that this cold passes quickly for her.

  3. Your girls are so strong and sounds like they're doing great! It always amazes me how these little ones can be so full of that fighting spirit! Keeping you all in our prayers continually!


  4. Hi Dan and Martha,

    Happy Birthday Martha! The girls are so sweet and the news gets better and better - we think about you all every day!
    Lisa and Bob (and Nikki)